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Selection Criteria for 2014


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Selection Criteria for 2014




National Selection Co-ordinator:

Aileen Norval 07711 586020 –

Chef d'Equipes:

Senior: Lucy Bell- 07855 260292-

Junior :Ann Stark - 07773021612 –


Selection Panel:

BEV Directors and members of the BEV Management Committee without a conflict of interest.

(Conflict of interest includes: Past or present - owner, lunger, close relative or regular trainer of competitor up for selection).


Appeals Panel:

Directors of BEV without a conflict of interest & a BEF appointee



Competitors are advised to familiarise themselves with the current FEI Rules & Regulations in particular those relating to Horse Welfare and Prohibited Substances (avalable on the FEI web site).

Implementation of Article 171 FEI rules will apply for selection. (Deposit for appeals etc). The closing date for challenge (in writing) to the selection criteria is 5 days after distribution.

A quorum is over 50% of the members of the management committee.The selected unit will consist of the entered vaulter(s), lunger, horse and reserves of the aforementioned.

The selection criteria detailed below is specific for competitions and events requiring selection in 2014 and includes the selection of vaulters, lungers and horses to compete in:


  1. Senior Squad- no age limit

  2. Senior Male Individual- from 16

  3. Senior Female Individual- from 16

  4. Senior Pas de Deux- from 16

  5. Junior Squad- until 18

  6. Junior Male Individual-14-18

  7. Junior Female Individual-14-18

  8. Junior Pas de Deux- 14-18


NOTE: (New rules will need to be incorporated into the selection process as they are ratified and clarified. Competitors will be informed immediately of any changes) New FEI rule: Please see New FEI rules for starting possibilities



Pre-Selection Criteria


All competitors wishing to be up for 2014 selection must apply in writing to the National Selection Co-ordinator in the format of the official BEV Ltd forms (these are available from the BEV Website or from the National Selection Co-ordinators, address on form) by5th December 2013 with the required costs. The National Selection Co-ordinator may accept late entries, (with the required costs) in exceptional circumstances.


The charges to cover administration for 2014 are as follows: Squads £90, Individuals £25, Pas de Deux £30.


All competitors wishing to be considered for selection are to submit their names, first choice and reserve horse & lunger.


Competitors (this word encompassing vaulters, reserve vaulters, horses, reserve horses, lungers, reserve lungers & Clubs/Squad) must be fully paid up members of BEV Ltd.


Lungers & reserve lungers must comply with BEV Article 815.3 and must have lunged competitively for vaulting (in a class above pre-novice level). Squad lungers must have lunged competitively for squad vaulting (in a class above pre-novice level).


Squads must list between 7-10 named vaulters. These can vary at trials by up to a maximum of 2 vaulters per competition.


Squads may apply to be up for selection in both senior and junior classes if they fulfill the age catergories (same 10 vaulters). They must indicate this on the selection form and pay 2 administration fees.


The list of those who have applied for selection will be published in the next available newsletter and on the website after the 1st January 2014.


Additional specific selection costs (judge, secretarial, etc) may be applicable to those up for selection on a per competitor basis and be advertised in the selection event schedules due to ongoing increasing costs of running events.


Vaulters must meet FEI criteria for their class and as stated in the FEI rules, a vaulter may only compete in one age category of Championships in any calendar year.


If Vaulters compete at both selection trials within a Squad(selected 2014), and then withdraw from that Squad to compete in Individual, Pas de Deux or the alternate age group Championships, this will lead to de -selection of that squad.


The Nominated Selection Events


BEV specifically nominates events for the purpose of selection. In the event of unforeseen circumstances event dates/venues may be changed, added to or subtracted after consultation with the BEV Management committee. (Any change to these will be posted on the BEV website and newsletter and directly to the competitors via email).


The British event will be run according to BEV Ltd rules. There will be a minimum of two international judges (FEI 3* or FEI 4*) and two British judges. In unforeseen circumstances the number or level of judges may be changed and this will be communicated to all involved as soon as possible.


*All competitors must meet the updated current FEI criteria for their age catergory.*


Nominated Events


All competitors who have applied for selection will be required to attend their age category designated events listed below:




*Must fulfil FEI criteria for championships.

*Each vaulter must submit 1 score from an international individual CVI*** achieved since Jan 2014.

If oversubscribed places awarded on order of highest score achieved.


*Nominated competition 1-National Senior Squad Selection Competition -5th April 2014, SNEC, Scotland

AND Must submit 1 result from a CVI*** in 2014. (Final score to be used in calculation)

! Teams must achieve a Final score of 7.0 in at least one of the nominated competitions




*Must fulfil FEI criteria for championships.

*Nominated competition 1.BEV aff. Comp 5th April 2014,SNEC, Scotland

AND Must submit 1 result from a CVIJ**/CVI** in 2014

(One round of CVI to be used in calculation)


*Nominated competition 1- BEV aff. Comp, 5th April –SNEC, Junior Squad class

*Nominated competition 2– Saumur CVIJ** 18th -20th April, France (Final score to be used in calculation)

! Teams must achieve a score of 6.5 in at least one of the nominated competitions


Senior and Junior Pairs Championships

*Must fulfil FEI criteria for championships.

*Each Pas de Deux must submit 1 score from an international Pas de Deux**/*** achieved since Jan 2013. If oversubscribed places awarded on order of highest score.

(Final Score will be used in calculation)


**If after close of selection applications only 1 squad has applied in a category, they must complete the requested international and achieve the required score only.



Eligibility Criteria


*All scores for submission into the selection calculation must be achieved by the 2nd June 2014*


Score Sheets - Evidence for Selection.


Competitors are required keep their score sheets from all competitions safe and to have them available if requested by the National Selection Co-ordinator.


British horses & reserve horses to have achieved in a class above novice level a minimum score of 5.8 at a BEV affiliated competition or a CVI*/**/*** within 2014. Scores are the average over 1 round (comps and kur) of a competition.

A competitor/s wishing to use a foreign horse must provide evidence of the required minimum score from CVI**or*** within 2013/14, 8 weeks before the championships.


Reserve Squad vaulters


Reserve Squad vaulters must compete at a minimum of one competition in 2014 in the CVI*/**/***,CVIJ*/**,BEV individual, intermediate, junior or advanced squad competition attaining a minimum compulsory score of 5.0 this being the average from all judges.

Note: Any Squad changing 3 vaulters after selection (50%) will be considered as a different squad and will be de-selected.



Criteria to be used in making selection



1) Fulfilment of Pre Selection and FEI Eligibility Criteria.


2) To compete in the events designated for selection by BEV Ltd.


3) Final selection result calculation: The score from the designated events will be added together and then divided by 2. The highest average score will be the determinant. Vaulters will be selected in result order, as long as they have met the minimum FEI requirement for their championship class.


Results will be ratified by a quorum of the management committee. (A quorum being over 50% of the members of the management committee.)


The National Selection Co-ordinator will notify all Individual and Pas de deux competitors of the decisions reached. The National Selection Co-ordinator will notify the Squad lunger of the decisions reached.


Any competitor applying for selection (or their agent) must inform the National Selection Co-ordinator in writing of any detrimental changes to their health between the first selection event and the championships.


(Exception) At all selection events if the first choice horse fails inspection, the participants should appear on a reserve horse. Veterinary evidence in writing, of the failed horse's fitness to compete at the event requiring selection, will have to be provided within 14 days to the National Selection Co-ordinator.


At the discretion of the selection panel: If a competitor/squad of proven competitive stature, fails to attend 1 selection event, due to circumstances beyond their control/injury, the afore mentioned competitor may apply in writing to the selection co-ordinators for the use of another recent designated (past or future) competition score to be used in the selection calculation (see 3 above).


Any queries regarding the selection of competitors for the event should be made in writing) to the National Selection Co-ordinator – who will use their best endeavours to answer such queries in the spirit of openness and transparency. Any appeals against the decisions of the selection panel should be routed through the National Selection Co-ordinator.


Changes in selection

(This may be required due to accident, illness, change of circumstances etc)

Any competitor selected (or their agent) must inform the National Selection Co-ordinators of any detrimental changes to their health/situation between the final selection event and the championships. It is the intention of BEV ltd to offer help and select medically fit competitors.

If de-selection is necessary the National Selection Co-ordinator will liase between the competitor (or their agent) and a quorum of the management committee. Changes in selection may occur after consultation with & confirmation by a quorum of the management committee.

The National Selection Co-ordinator is responsible for notification of changes to selections. The National Selection Co-ordinator will notify competitors affected of the decisions reached in writing.


After competitors have commenced traveling to the competitionthe Chef d’Equipe is responsible for changes to selection.


Selection obligations


Read, sign (if requested to) and adhere to the squad agreement both BEV document and BEF.

Attend review meetings regularly and take part in performance analysis session if requested.

Participate in sport science consultations if requested:

Vaulters - physiotherapy, psychology & nutrition sessions.

Horses – Farriery, physiotherapy & veterinary assessments.

Attend (if provided) any squad training sessions as arranged by BEV or BEF.

Provided information or take part in any press related activity if asked to by BEV to help promote BEV / BEF /FEI/ vaulting as a sport.

List of those Vaulters who have put their names forward for Selection for 2014




2014 Selection Applications for WEG 2014


Female Individuals 5
Helen Anderson
Hannah Eccles
Joanne Eccles
Stacey Macpherson
Lucy Phillips
Senior Male 1
George Cox
Senior Pas de Deux 2
Joanne and Hannah Eccles
Stacey Macpherson and Shannon Purves
Senior Squad 2

English Vaulting Squad

South of Scotland Select

Junior European Championships 2014


Junior Female Individual
Sophie Aitchison 
Rebecca Norval
Shannon Purves
Hannah Young
Junior Male Individual
George Cox 
Harry Cox
Charlie Lochead
Andrew McLachlan
Junior Pas-de-Deux
Rebecca Norval and Andrew McLachlan
Junior Squad
Scottish Equestrian Vaulting Team